Our policy is to understand the expectations of our employees, to act in accordance with the Regulations and Standards and to achieve excellence. In order to achieve this, we have adopted the following principles;

  • To comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations of the working country,
  • To adopt continuous improvement and development as the basic principle in all activities,
  • Considering the expectations of all parties, including employers, while applying environmental management systems,
  • To ensure that wastes are sorted and evaluated at the source of waste by giving importance to recycling,
  • To prevent waste in the consumption of energy and natural resources,
  • To develop and present to the employers the projects that will affect the natural environment from the negative side at least during the construction and operation and ensure the optimum utilization of the natural resources,
  • To protect the environment, to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To ensure that subcontractors comply with the laws and the methods and principles of Heysa continuous’s Environmental Management Systems.