Our company has adopted the mission of unconditional customer satisfaction in the sector; quality and uninterrupted service to its customers in the direction of stable and planned strategies by strengthening with the expert staff who continuously renew the technology that they use in the direction of this target taking into account the present and future expectations of the customers.

The quality policies determined by the top management of Heysa Construction have been adopted by the employees. In this sense, the objectives and objectives to be put in the frame of Quality understanding are;

  • To adopt continuous improvement and development as the basic principle in all activities,
  • As a result of analyzing and developing the business processes, making the improvement activities natural behaviors of the employees,
  • To comply with legal regulations and mandatory standards,
  • To use the modern and valid methods, technologies, information and management systems that are required by the age, to avoid the necessary research and investment for this purpose,
  • In order to increase the productivity by keeping the losses at the optimum level during the construction site processes,
  • Finishing and delivering projects on time according to work program and technical specifications,
  • To define the communication channels with the employer and the subcontractor,
  • To direct the employer’s requests and to comply with these requests at maximum level,
  • Establish and implement control and monitoring systems that do not compromise quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection criteria while being a facilitator for the development of subcontractors.